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What you need for your entry

To accommodate the last minute rush we are experiencing, the Closing Date for Entries has been extended to 
15th July 2016

Entry is done on-line on this website. Go to the ENTRY FORM page. For your first entry you will need to register with a password. Your registration will need to be validated for your first log in only. You may enter as many packs as you wish. You may save your entry details at any stage and come back to complete the entry later. Once you consider that the entry detail and information is complete, you go to the FINISH page and SUBMIT your entry. If there are any missing details, your submission will fail and the reasons for this will be shown.

In addition to the administration details, such as contacts and company details, the following will be required.

Motivation (Required) Maximum 50 words
Your motivation should present a clear reason why you think your entry deserves an award. The judges are looking for the excellent application and execution of packaging that demonstrates creative design, marketing or technology applied to packaging in Africa. Remember to relate this to your local industry standards and market conditions. (50 words is not many - so use them wisely)

Support Information (Required) Maximum 300 words
If the judges are impressed by your 50 word motivation they will be encouraged consider your additional information carefully to evaluate your entry against other 'top' entries. You have 300 words for this. Focus on the key issues and points of difference. Remember that the judges are experienced packaging professionals.

Photographs (Required) Minimum 2 pictures
At least 2 digital images of your pack (MINIMUM 300 dpi, width 6cm, height 5cm. MAXIMUM file size 10MB in PSD, TIFF or JPG format). The photographs should show filled packs if applicable as this will be the only way the judges will see the packaging in use. Please ensure that these are good quality representations of your entry as they may be used for publicity purposes.

Additional Support Information (Optional) Pictures, PDFs and text (max 100 words)
You also have the opportunity a to upload a small PDF file or additional photographs. Keep it short. The judges are not compelled to refer to these ans they will not have time to read vast documents and the key information may be lost. Only use this if you belive you entry needs a detailed explaination or support. Remember that the judges are experienced packaging professionals and do not need lengthy explanations of the basics.

Pack Samples (Required to be couried)
Carefully select pack samples of your entry to impress the judges. Do not send packs that are damaged, poorly manufactured, printed or converteds. Only send empty packs of 'no commercial value' to ensure they do not need special customs clearance. At least two empty packs are required for each entry. These packaging samples must be couriered or delivered to arrive no sooner than 1st June and no later than 30th June 2016. Samples must be carefully packed and clearly labeled with all the individual entry reference numbers on the on the outside of the delivery parcel. These entry reference numbers are automatically generated when you register an entry.
If your packaging requires special handling, please contact the organisers to make the necessary arrangements.

Entry Fee (Required) To be received prior to judging
The entry fee for one entry is US$300 (excluding VAT if applicable*). If the same entrant or same combination of entrants (where the entry is a combined entry by convertor and brand owner for example) enters more than one entry a 20% discount applies to the total entry fee. The entry fee must be received before the closing date to ensure that the entry is judged. 
*Entries from South African residents / companies will have VAT added to the cost of entry. You can request a Tax Invoice onthe entry form page.