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Here are some suggestions that we hope will assist you with your entry.

Select a pack for entry that has made an impact for your business and your customer through its sales and the market response.

Consider your selected entry's merits regarding creative design, marketing or technology applied to the packaging. Make sure you highlight these merits clearly in your support motivation.

Motivation (Required): Remember you only have 50 words for your motivation. Use them wisely. Avoid "puffery" (words like 'unique', 'special', 'excellent'). The judges will assume this - why else would you be entering the pack? But do tell them what they may not know, such as a first in your region or a new format for yiour market. Include relevant information - market place success, production cost savings. distribution advantages, environmental benefits. Mention the outstanding features of your packaging. Save detail for the "Support Information" 

Support Information (Required): Use this section of the entry to substantiate and explain your claims in the motivation. The judges will only read this section carefully if your main motivation interests them enough.
Relate your pack's achievement to the conditions and state of the of packaging industry and market in your region. Highlight why your pack stands out in your market.
Highlight the local input in terms of creative design, marketing or technology - but do not disguise the 'imported' knowledge or technology. Credit will be given for the excellent application and execution of the 'imported' knowledge or technology.

Photographs (Required): Supply professional photographs. Mobile phone pictures will not do justice to your entry. Use the "Optional Additional Support Documents and pictures" section to supply additional photgraphs of any special feature of your entry - such as a clever opening or closing device, the difference between an empty and filed pack, the old vs. the new pack - or anything that supports your motivation. The judges will look here if your main motivation interests them enough.

Additional Support Information or Photographs (Optional): After the section that you upload the photogrpahs you may upload additonal information as PDFs. The judges are not compelled to study these and will only do so if they seek additional information because you entry interests them sufficiently. KEEP IT SHORT -The judges are under pressure and will not study lenghty complicated documents. You may also upload additonal photographs here to further detail special features of youyr entry

Samples (Required): Select your pack samples carefully. Do not supply packs that are poorly printed or converted. The judges will expect that you have sent the best examples of what you are able to produce.